Go Fund Me for Christine "Chris" Trujillo Needs A Kidney

It is going to be a very costly and time consuming quest to locate Chris's perfect Living Kidney Donor Match.

Chris has an unique story to tell concerning her inherited polycystic kidney disease. Her living kidney donor match markers are extremely rare and less than 2% of the very limited pool of living kidney donors are a match. Even though the odds seem impossible to overcome, we are confident that with your help, we can find that one perfect match. According to the chart below she would only potentially match 120 Living Kidney Donors.

Please Watch Chris's Video Below To See Her Story

 Chris Needs A Kidney Campaign Goals:

1. Educate the Public About Kidney Disease.

 2. Educate the Public About Living Kidney Donorship.

 3. Find Chris's Perfect Living Kidney Donor Match.

 4. Help  Find Living Kidney Donors for the other 100,000 Patients on the Kidney Transplant Waiting List.

All of the funds collected by Kidney4Chris are going to be used for advertising and marketing in search for a LIVING KIDNEY DONOR MATCH for Chris.

There are over 100,000 people on the kidney transplant list. However, finding a kidney for transplant is not easy. Just ask the 100,000+ people on the waiting list for a deceased kidney donor. Time is not on their side. Some wait for years and many die while waiting. The average wait time is three to six years for a kidney from a deceased donor. However, There Is Another Option! Receiving A Kidney From, A Living Kidney Donor! Asking a family member, or friend, or community member to consider donating a kidney, to Chris, is very difficult. It is so difficult that 70% of the patients on the kidney transplant list have not asked one person to consider being a living kidney donor for them. A kidney from a living donor would greatly improve Chris’s chances of getting a transplant. A kidney from a living donor typically lasts a lot longer than a deceased donor kidney and has better function more quickly. You might not know a lot about living kidney donation— Chris didn’t know before inherited kidney disease changed her life. Understandably, some people are afraid about the surgery and what living with one kidney will mean for them. So here is some basic information about living kidney donation:

 1.         You only need one kidney to live a long, healthy life.

 2.         Most donor surgeries are done laparoscopically, meaning through tiny incisions, which is less invasive.

 3.         The recuperation period is usually fairly quick, generally two to three weeks, depending on your vocation.

 4.         The cost of your evaluation and surgery will be covered by Chris’ insurance.

 5.         You will have a separate team of healthcare professionals to evaluate you as a living donor. Their job is to help you understand the risks and benefits and to look out for your best interests.   

Thank you for taking the time to listen and read about Chris’ quest to find a Living Kidney Donor. If donating a kidney to Chris is something anyone would like to consider, she would be happy to tell them more about her story and explore the process of determining if they are a match for her or are interested in learning about how to be a Paired Kidney Exchange Donor.   Chris knows becoming a living kidney donor may not be right for everyone— but every person can still help! Help Chris by sharing her story with everyone you know and please consider being an organ donor after your passing to help save someone else’s life. Chris would like to bring awareness to kidney disease, and the living and deceased donation process. Chris is hopeful her efforts will not only help her receive a kidney sooner but also encourage others to consider helping save the lives of the estimated 50 other people in Northwest Colorado, plus the other 100,000 people in the US that are still on the waiting list for a transplant. If you would like to learn more about living kidney donorship, please visit Chris’ website at Kidney4Chris.org. Thank you!