Chris Trujillo Needs A Kidney Photo Contest Challenge

To enter the Contest take a location tagged picture of your Chris Needs A Kidney flyer placement and email it to

 For each and every flyer you put up in your community and submit the photo your name will be entered into a drawing to win $1,000, that will be donated in your name  to the National Kidney Foundation. The drawing will be held on World Kidney Day on Thursday March14, 2024.


Other prizes will be awarded for: 

 1. Most Chris Needs A Kidney Flyers Put Up. 

 2. Most Unique Chris Needs A  Kidney Flyer Placement. 

 3 .Best Selfie With A Chris Needs A Kidney Flyer. 

 4. Farthest Chris Needs A Kidney Flyer Posted, Measured In Miles From Craig, Colorado.  

 5. Highest Chris Needs A Kidney Flyer Posted, Measured In Altitude.  

 6. Lowest  Chris Needs A Kidney Flyer Posted, Measured In Depth.

7. First Chris Needs A Kidney Flyer Placed in Orbit.

Video Explaining the Photo Contest Challenge

How, Where and Why To Hang Chris Needs A Kidney Flyers

If you would like to help Chris Trujillo find a Living Kidney Donor, hanging flyers is a great way to reach a lot of potential donors. But where should you hang your flyers to get the most positive effect takes some thought and planning.

Think about where people go to in your town. Putting up flyers isn’t something that should be done randomly. You need to have a plan. Who’s going to do what? Who can help you? You’ll need to know how many flyers you’ll need. You should have a strategy for where you’re going to hang your flyers. You should keep a list. 

Why Should You Hang Chris Needs A Kidney Flyers? Chris has an unique story to tell concerning her inherited polycystic kidney disease. Her living kidney donor match markers are extremely rare and less than 2% of the very limited pool of living kidney donors are a match. Even though the odds seem impossible to overcome, we are confident that with your help, we can find that one perfect match. 70% of the 100,000 patients on the Kidney Transplant Waiting List have not asked one family member, friend or community member to consider becoming a Living Kidney Donor for them. Chris knew she had to speak up for herself and also become a spokesperson for the other 100,000, in addition to helping educate the public concerning "LIVING KIDNEY DONORSHIP". This is a way you can truly "MAKE A DIFFERENCE"

 29 of the Best Places to Hang Flyers

Here’ is a list of places that you can find in most towns that will likely let you hang flyers. Please Check With The Owner or Manager and Do Not Cause Any Property Damage. Thank You!

  1. Post Offices
  2. Restaurants / Coffee Shops
  3. Laundromats
  4. Town Halls
  5. Community Bulletin Boards 
  6. Libraries
  7. Barber Shops / Beauty Parlors
  8. Nail Salons
  9. Ice Cream Stands
  10. Supermarkets
  11. Colleges
  12. Malls
  13. Doctor’s Offices / Dentist’s Offices
  14. Large Employers (think lunchroom bulletin boards)
  15. Churches
  16. Convenience Stores / Gas Stations
  17. Auto Repair Shops
  18. Community Centers
  19. Day Care Centers
  20. Chambers of Commerce
  21. Banks / Credit Unions
  22. Hardware Stores
  23. Theaters
  24. Fitness Centers
  25. Religious Centers
  26. Parks
  27. Bus Stops
  28. Offices & Waiting Rooms
  29. Use Your Imagination

To print Chris Trujillo Needs A Kidney! flyers, banners, posters and yard signs go to your locally owned and operated UPS Store. Over 5,500 locations in North America.

To find your local UPS Store click here: