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You don’t need to be a relative in order to donate. The living donor department will test your blood type. If you are not compatible but still healthy enough to donate then paired
donation may be an option. This means you could donate to
someone else in exchange for a compatible kidney for your

Aside from age-appropriate cancer screening, there are no out of pocket expenses for donor medical testing. Testing is covered by the recipient’s insurance once they are approved for transplant and on the list.

According to research, the risk of developing end stage kidney disease after donation is very low and kidney donors live as long as those that do not donate. Donors are evaluated thoroughly and are healthy, so this risk is lower than the general population.

It’s extremely rare, but if you develop end stage kidney disease and are in need of a kidney transplant, as a previous living donor you will take priority on the transplant list.

Generally, most donors return to work within 4-6 weeks of donation. The medical team will consider your job activity along with how you are feeling before clearing you to return to work.

Many women have donated and have had successful pregnancies with no complications post-donation. If you call our living donor department, they will give you more information about pregnancy and donation.

You should avoid using certain medications for an extended period of time but most donors can return to their normal activities, including sports and exercise, about 4-6 weeks after surgery.

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"Give the ultimate gift of life" Dr. Elizabeth Pomfret, Chief of Transplantation

Welcome to UCHealth's online health history questionnaire for living donation. Our first priority is to protect the health and well-being of potential donors. This questionnaire is CONFIDENTIAL. Only healthcare professionals from the UCHealth Living Donor Team will see your information. Your information is NOT shared with the transplant recipient or others.
Please answer all questions honestly and correctly as the information provided here will be used by our living donor team to look carefully at your medical history to make sure donation will be a safe option for you.

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