Kitt the Spokeskidney

Chris's Spokeskidney

Kitt, Chris Trujillo's Spokeskidney was appointed to his position on Friday July 21. 2023. He graduated from the University of Kidney in 2011 with a degree in communications.

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Ms Cheer Kidney

Campaign Cheerleader

Ms Cheer Kidney is a recent graduate from University of Kidney in Omaha, Nebraska where she was head cheerleader for the U of K Wildcats.

Like Mike

Facebook Like Promoter

Like Mike is now studying to become a Meta Certified Meta Spark Creator. Meta Spark creators understand how to translate an idea into a professional interactive Meta Spark experience, including the creation, publishing and management of this experience.

John Aerosmith

Chief Campaign Pilot

John is a retired pilot from Medical Mercy Flights Worldwide. After 30 years of heroic service, having flown patients in and out of over 150 countries, John is volunteering his pilot services and personal Lear Jet to

Ivan Techno

Information Technology Kidney

Ivan Techno has 17 years Information Technology experience as the VP of IT of the Mayo Naise Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. There he was in charge of all of the Mayo Naise Clinic Health System which is a family of clinics, hospitals and other healthcare facilities with physical presence in 44 communities in four regions in southern Minnesota, western Wisconsin and nothern Iowa.

Grand Slam Sam

Ambassador To Professional Baseball

Grand Slam Sam was added to the campaign staff to reach out to professional baseball fans and help educate them about kidney disease. Grand Slam Sam played minor league baseball for the Calhoon Coyotes for 3 years . He then moved on on to become the radio announcer for the Bremerton Boilermakers for 30 years, until he retired.

Soccer Sam

Ambassador to Soccer Fans

Soccer Sam's duties include educating soccer fans about Kidney Disease. Beginning at the age of 4 years old, Soccer Sam was a child soccer star because of his propensity in scoring goals. His record of 22 goals in one youth soccer game at the age of 5 still holds the record in Nebraska. Soccer Sam played high school varsity for the Sydney Nebraska Rockets being on the AL-State Team for 4 Years straight. After his successful high school career and forgoing college he was drafted into the World Premiere League by the Barcelona Bruins. Prior to reporting to preseason conditioning he was diagnosed with kidney disease, ending his professional career before it even started . Garcia Mendoza, one of his team mates, sacrificed his own career to be a living kidney donor for Soccer Sam. Garcia was quoted as saying "donating one of my kidneys to Soccer Sam was the best thing I have done in my life."

Bobbie" Basketball" Mahoney

Ambassador of Basketball

Bobbie "Basketball" Mahoney is the shortest player in National Basketball Authority history at the height of 5.35". Even at this gigantic height disadvantage Bobbie averaged 39 points, 15 rebounds and 47 assists over his 20 year career. Bobbie's duties with the campaign Committee is to help educate all basketball fans about Kidney Disease.

Leaf Erickson A.K.A. Leaf the Lucky

Ambassador to Viking Ancestors

Leaf Erikson , also known as Leaf the Lucky, was a Norse explorer who is thought to have been the first European to set foot on continental North America, approximately half a millennium before Christopher Columbus. Leaf's main duties for the is to educate all Viking Ancestors about Kidney Disease.

Oleck Mann Godfrey

Director of Self Expression

Oleck Mann Godfrey duties on the campaign are to